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Style by Tiffani | NYC Personal Stylist

Fashion says ‘me too’. Style says ‘only me’.  When it comes to your wardrobe my approach is always focused on quality over quantity. I don’t believe in dressing my clients in one designer head-to-toe. I am dedicated to making my clients feel confident and look their best while saving them significant amounts of time and frustration. My client is the person you see at the airport and think, “Gosh, they look great” but you’re not sure why.

Personal Stylist New York | Style by Tiffani

In 2010 I embarked on my career as a personal stylist in New York when I noticed how overwhelmed women become when it comes to fashion and shopping for themselves, especially for special occasions and lifestyle changes. I wanted to help guide the way women approach building their wardrobes and becoming the best version of themselves.

We are living in the Golden Era of shopping. The options are endless and many have little time to shop or become easily overwhelmed with the countless options out there. Over the past six years I have had the pleasure of shopping and styling wardrobes for women near & far.

As for me, I moved to New York City from my hometown in Massachusetts over 10 years ago to pursue a Masters Degree from NYU and a professional dance career (Overachiever? Perhaps). Little did I know what the Big Apple had in store for me. People always asked why I wasn’t pursuing a career in fashion. The traditional careers I knew of, such as being a designer or working at a magazine, did not appeal to me. In 2008 I created a blog called Accidental Chic to chronicle the constant style and fashion inspiration I was surrounded by. Shortly after I was over singing lessons, auditioning for Broadway and moved on by enrolling in classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Doors began to open, I set up shop and the rest is history…

You can read more fun facts about me here. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Personal Stylist New York | Style by Tiffani