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Style by Tiffani | NYC Bridal Fashion Stylist

It’s not about finding something that’s trendy, it’s about finding something you’ll love 30 years from now.

Brides enjoy an experience custom-tailored to their needs when working with a bridal stylist. Tiffani gets to know you and your style, then guides you in selecting the perfect attire and accessories to create a look that is timeless for your wedding day. Everything is important on your red carpet day. By enlisting Tiffani’s help clients save significant amounts of time and energy during the wedding planning process. Styling services are also available for the groom and  bridal parties.

“I could not have been happier with Tiffani’s work. After our consultation she knew exactly how to handle my dilemma and effortlessly created the timeless look I was hoping for. Working with a bridal stylist made a potentially stressful situation fun and easy.”C. Sorrentino, Client Testimonial
Bridal Stylist | Style by Tiffani