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Social Graces at The Plaza Hotel

Social Graces at The Plaza Hotel

It’s always been on my list to take a proper etiquette class. Last month my friend and I took Beaumont Etiquette’s Social Graces at The Plaza Hotel with Myka Meier. It was informative and a lot of fun without being stuffy. In the tails of the Royal Wedding I thought it would be fun to share my notes from my evening of social graces.

First things first, Ms. Meier made it clear that etiquette is suppose to be fun! Never correct someone on their etiquette. Lead by your actions. We started the evening with a little bit of wine tasting and knowledge, then went into appearance and social networking.

Red Wine can be kept cooler than you think. When entertaining at home put it in the fridge before guests arrives.

White Wine doesn’t need to be as cold. When entertaining at home take it out of the fridge before guests arrive.

Decanters are used for older wines (before 2005).

7 seconds is the amount of time you have to make a first impression! Mirror the room you are walking into. Plan your outfit to match the venue you are going to.

Body language speaks for 65% of what you say.

Always greet the VIP person first when arriving to an event.

Ladies, when seated in a dress or skirt use the duchesses slant. Sitting crossed legged is very taboo.

Want to be likable? Look into the person’s left eye.

Want to be assertive? Look into the person’s right eye.

Social topics to use when meeting new people at events; weekend plans, upcoming vacations and questions such as “How do you know the host?” “What? Why? When?” You should never ask about politics, money, family or children.

Get personalized stationary. This at the top on my to-do list. Believe it or not I am having a hard time finding a design I love. If you have any recommendations send them my way!

We discussed all this and so much more. You can visit the Beaumont Etiquette website to learn more about their classes. I highly recommend it.