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Shop The City: FlameKeepers Hat Club

Shop The City: FlameKeepers Hat Club

I appreciate a great hat. Growing up my mother was never caught without a hat when she was driving in her convertible (and yes, her car of choice with two children was a convertible). She has been driving with the top down since the ’90s. Rock on, Mary Ann! My father on the other hand has a hat for every occasion and every outfit. When I came to across Flamekeepers Hat Club I knew this place was a gem.

The motto at the FlameKeepers Hat Club is “passing the torch of good taste from one generation to the next”. This locally owned upscale hat shop offers a range of sophisticated styles for men. Ladies – don’t get discouraged there are a few styles we can pull off, too!

Needless to say one of their sophisticated hats is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. I may or may not be getting one for my father (shhhh!). And I will be back for myself in the near future. Perhaps it is time I start my own hat collection. Like the FlameKeepers motto says, passing down the torch of good taste from generation to the next.

Visit FlameKeepers Hat Club at:

273 West 121st Street, New York NY 10027

Follow @flamekeepershatclub

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