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Wardrobe Maintenance: Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Wardrobe Maintenance: Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

We all know how much of a pain it is to replace that beloved sweater or pair of pants that fit you just right. I want to share with you a few wardrobe maintenance ‘tricks of the trade’ on how to make your clothes last longer.

Avoid Sweater Shoulders

Use thick wooden cut hangers coat hangers to hang sweaters. You can also double up two thinners sweaters on one hanger. Personally, I like to fold mine in a draw because sweater shoulders drive me NUTS.

Combat Odors 

Put vodka (use the cheap stuff) in a spray bottle and spray arm pits of sweaters & jackets to combat odors in between dry cleaning cycles. I’m serious. Whenever I tell a client or friend this trick they look at me like I have three heads – but it works!

Avoid Small Tears and Rips in the Wash

Before washing make sure all pants with zippers are zipped. Have you ever wondered how your shirt got that small hole? It is most likely because it got caught on a zipper in the wash.

Roll Shirts 

When storing tanks or shirts roll them up instead of folding. Folding causes creases which then causes you to iron them. Ironing definitely wears out fabrics in our wardrobe.

Never Lose Another Button 

Isn’t it so annoying when buttons pop off or go missing? Simply add a coat of clear nail polish over each button to prevent this.

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I use and highly recommend The Laundress laundry and fabric care products. I bought their Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and I haven’t taken my cashmere sweaters to the cleaners since. The Laundress recently opened a retail location in SoHo last year. It’s adorable. Plus, every Saturday they have in-store demonstrations.

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