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Pajama Sunday | Grateful

Pajama Sunday | Grateful

“The days are long, but the years are short…”

Can you believe we are approaching the end of another year?! I feel like it was yesterday that I was learning how to surf, yet here I am putting up my Christmas tree. This time of year is always a reflective time for me. On my walks around Central Park I have been trying to be more conscious of appreciating the little things during this Sunday morning ritual. Usually I am plowing through the park with my headphones on listening to a podcast making my way to my favorite coffee shop just outside my route (JOE Coffee, the best!).

Last week I actually took my headphones off, slowed my pace and took in my surroundings. It’s so easy to get caught up this time of year with activities and endless to-do’s. Let’s just say I’m keeping it simple this year. Making room for spontaneous plans and enjoying whatever comes my way.

Now don’t think my overachieving personality isn’t thinking about what I want to accomplish before the year ends. How do you want end 2016? Think about it. I think we’re all ready for a fresh start in 2017.

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Wishing you a wonderful Pajama Sunday, xo