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Pajama Sunday | Love Always Wins

Pajama Sunday | Love Always Wins

Phew, what a week! Needless to say there are all sorts of emotions happening across the United States right now. I must say I was in shock when I woke up on Wednesday. Complete shock. This blog is by no means a platform for delving into my political views and I respect those of others, but I must say what got me through this past week was seeing people speak up for what is fair and what is right. It gives me hope that for the next four years we will all look out for each other. Love always wins.

This week marked the release of Shop The City: A Shopping Guide to New York City. I am excited to finally have this downloadable shopping guide available for you! Believe it or not, I have been working on this guide for the past two years. Putting the finishing touches on it and launching it this past week was thrilling. Coincidentally, the NYTimes had a special feature this week called ‘Shop New York’ as shown above. A sign from the Universe? I think so.

Also, I had the opportunity to chat with Shannon from The Simply Luxurious Life again.  On her podcast The Simple Sophisticate we talked about how to shop sales and New York City. Be sure to check out it (psst, there is a special STC Guide promo code for her listeners).

Trying Out a Forgotten (and Free) Service: Personal Shoppers. A perfect article demonstrating why free personal styling services don’t work in your favor. One department store barely fits everyone’s wardrobe needs – and it’s just not that personal (NYTimes)

If you are in New York be sure to check out the Diane Von Furstenburg Sample Sale happening this week. (260 Sample Sale)

The Difference Between Fashion and Style – and Why It Matters (Verily Magazine)

If you are among the many still grieving from this week’s past election, check out Kimberly Wilson’s Post-Election Savvy Sources.

Here’s to a brand new week on the horizon. Cheers! xo