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Pajama Sunday | Bucket List

Pajama Sunday | Bucket List

“I’ve got that summertime, summertime sadness”  -Lana Del Ray (remember this song from last summer? ha!)

Why does the summer always go by so fast? I was able to relish it the last two weeks in August with time spent in New England. Also, I was able to cross off a major Bucket List goal. Thanks to my good friend Adam I finally learned how to surf. We went surfing a couple of times in Newport, RI at sunset. It was surreal. A little nerve racking at first…yes, I had thoughts of sharks and what not…but there is nothing more thrilling than trying something new. And it has been awhile since I’ve tried something new.

It is true what they say about trying something new or change being harder as you get older. I was definitely a bit hesitant when I was out there on the surf board the first day. I was testing the waters (literally), but by the second day I was those chasing waves. It was AWESOME. A reminder that going after something you’ve always wanted to try is priceless. Get out of your comfort zone every now and then. What’s the worst that can happen?

Pajama Sunday | © Style by Tiffani Adam teaching me how to catch some waves.

With the arrival of September and cooler weather brings back my Pajama Sunday routine; lounging on the couch in my cozy robe sipping tea while sharing links to resources I have came across. Enjoy!

If you’re in NYC this month be sure to stop by the GiGi New York Pop Up Shop.

Speaking of pop up shops, M.Gemi will be opening the doors to their pop up on Monday in SoHo at 120 Wooster Street.

How to Find Clothes with High-Quality Fabrics. Great advice from Teri Agins (Wall Street Journal)

The artist formerly known as Kate Spade is back – with a new line of sophisticated shoes called Frances Valentine. (Washington Post)

Check out my friend Adam’s awesome scenic New England photos on Instagram. His most recent post is of him and his friend wearing a kilt (don’t ask), but do scroll through his feed to see the great photos he takes.

What’s on your Bucket List?  I would love to know! Leave a comment on Facebook or tweet me.