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Creating Mismatched Looks for Bridesmaids

Creating Mismatched Looks for Bridesmaids

There is nothing I love more than when a bridal party nails it with a unique yet cohesive look. Matchy-matchy looks for bridal parties are taking a backseat. Let’s face it, there is NO one dress that looks good on everyone. Creating a mismatched look for your bridesmaids is becoming the norm, but not everyone gets it. Below are a few different ways on how to approach creating mismatched looks for your bridesmaids.

Different Dresses in the Same Color Palette

Molly Sim’s bridal party shown below is one of my all time favorites. Can you say ‘NAILED IT’? Everyone looks great individually yet cohesive in group photos. Choose a color palette of two to three colors and then let your bridesmaids choose what style dress looks good on them. Need help choosing a color palette? Check out my Color Inspiration Pinterst board.



Same Dress in Different Styles

Ok, if you insist on having your bridesmaids wear the same dress choose one where they can style it differently. This allows your bridesmaids to show off their assets of choice. Individuality is key. Check out Versa Bridesmaid Dresses from David’s Bridal.



Same Dress Worn in Different Colors

Another approach to having your bridesmaids wear the same dress is having them choose from an option of different colors. Again, choose a color palette of two to three colors. Allow your bridesmaids to choose the best color for their skin tone. Even if you are a stickler for one particular color, say purple, look at the various shades of purple – like on a paint swatch.



Last but not least, there is nothing wrong with going against the norm and allowing your bridesmaids to wear whatever the heck they want! Costume designer Patricia Fields nailed this in the ‘Sex and The City’ movie. Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha not only looked great but each dress complimented their own personal style. And that, my friends, is timeless. This photo says it all.

creating mismatched looks for bridesmaids

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