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Wardrobe Hangers 101

Wardrobe Hangers 101

Does your closet look like a mishmash of hangers like shown above? During a wardrobe cleanse with a client I had the pleasure of not only revamping the items in her wardrobe but also the hangers she was using.

Wardrobe Hangers 101 | © Style by TiffaniClient’s Closet BEFORE Closet Edit & Organization Session

First things first, just say NO to wire hangers. Besides dry cleaning there really is no other use for wire hangers. They can easily damage your clothes.

I typically find clients using plastic tube hangers. While these are perfectly fine to use in your closet, they are actually meant to be used when air drying wet clothing. The plastic tube hangers also take up lots of space in your closet so my suggestion is to keep those in the laundry room.

Wardrobe Hangers 101 | © Style by TiffaniClient’s Closet AFTER Closet Edit & Organization Session

The type hanger I do suggest using in your closet is the slimline hanger. The hangers sturdy construction helps preserve the shape of your clothes and keeps you looking professional around the clock, as well as prevent clothes from slipping with their velvety surface. Over the past couple of years these hangers have been popping up everywhere so they won’t be hard to find. heck places like Bed, Bath & Beyond or TJ Maxx.

A word of caution; most people think they can stuff their closets to the max since these hangers allow for more space. Believe it or not your clothing needs room to breathe. I always leave a bit of space in between each article of clothing as shown above.

Most importantly, I hope this post inspired you to get rid of those wire hangers larking in your closet!

Note: Dry cleaners will gladly take back the wire hangers and re-use them.