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How to Take Care of Your Cashmere

How to Take Care of Your Cashmere

Recently I had a client who bought a gorgeous cashmere sweater to add to her wardrobe. I am a huge fan of Minnie Rose cashmere because they are wearable all year round. It’s light weight enough to wear in the spring & summer, yet will still keep you warm in the fall & winter. Most importantly, the quality is fantastic. This is a piece she will get a lot of use and longevity out of – as long as she takes care of it properly.

Here are several tips for cleaning your cashmere:

  • Wash cashmere with COLD water in a CLEAN sink or bin.
  • Use hair shampoo or delicate detergent made for fine fabrics, such as Woolite. Surprisingly the experts do not recommend having it dry cleaned unless you need special stain removal.
  • Agitate the water and detergent before you put the sweater in. You want it to be evenly distributed.
  • After rinsing, squish and squeeze as much water as you can out of your sweater. DO NOT wring or twist.
  • Lay out your semi-wet sweater onto a towel and roll it up. Press out the excess water with the towel.
  • Remove the sweater and lay it out on a fresh towel or drying rack, making sure to put the sweater back into its original shape. It will dry however you place it.
  • Keep your sweaters away from heat sources and windows. Air dry away from these.

Here are several tips for taking care of your cashmere:

  • When you store your pieces, fold them around a piece of tissue paper to help prevent wrinkles. Do not store them in plastic.
  • Iron your sweaters on low while inside out to remove wrinkles.