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Inspiration: Artist Will Cotton

Inspiration: Artist Will Cotton

I figured I would start off the week with some inspiration from my favorite artist Will Cotton. Cotton is an American painter known for mixing baked goods with fashion. He bakes EVERY single confectionery treat, photographs the subject and then paints the image. Total eye-candy.4126762476_c53dd8db6a_b

Screen-shot-2012-03-02-at-2.37.04-PMYou may all ready be familiar with Cotton’s work and not even realize it. He was the Artistic Director for Katy Perry’s California Gurls music video. He then went on to create the album cover for Teenage Dream.


I was blown away with his work in New York Magazine’s Spring 2013 Fashion issue featuring Elle Fanning. This will be an issue that I archive and save forever. It is that inspiring. The editorial spread is Candy Land meets high-fashion.


FUN FACT: Cotton is a native of  Massachusetts as well and now based in New York City (like myself!). Maybe that’s why I was so instantly drawn to him. One day I hope to own a piece of his work, preferably this Ribbon Candy Portrait, 2008.