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What to Wear in Paris in the Summer

What to Wear in Paris in the Summer

Recently I was asked what to wear in Paris during the summer. Let me start off by saying there is no one way of dressing Parisian. The one rule of Parisian style is respect thy self, which means treat yourself with the utmost respect by dressing in a way that best represents yourself. The French are not really into trends unless they look good on them. While packing for your trip think about what summer looks you have and if they truly represent your best self.

 A few style tips to keep in mind while packing for your trip

– Leave the flip flops and sneakers (unless their Adidas Stan Smiths) at home.  If you insist on wearing a thong sandal make sure it is one you wouldn’t wear to a beach. Buy a classier version – and get a pedicure! As for sneakers, wear a nice causal pair with your shorts or pants. Leave the gym sneakers in your gym bag.

 – Shoulders and legs should be covered when visiting any place of worship, no matter how hot it is. This is an unspoken rule in France.

 – A lightweight scarf is a great accessory to wear when in doubt or need to spice up a plain outfit.

 – Impeccable grooming is a must, forget the messy ponytail or bun. Take time to pay attention to the details like your hair, nails, teeth, etc.

Oh, and don’t forget to find a nice yet comfortable outfit for traveling. Recently I read a comment from a Parisian about the way Americans dress. They said, watching you guys  (Americans) come off a plane or train is like witnessing a 4AM fire drill at a college dorm.”  Don’t let yourself be a statistic! 

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